Sirius Insight

With our expertise in geomarketing and predictive analyses, SIRIUS Insight provides companies with solid and powerful insights to inform their strategic decisions, whatever their sector of activity.

For optimising the locations of points of sale, estimating their commercial potential or segmenting customers and prospects, SIRIUS Insight is an important partner for decision-makers.

SIRIUS Insight has been active for more than 25 years in the field of geomarketing and predictive analysis. Its secret? Combining analytical skills, detailed data, precise modelling and expert platforms.

The added value of SIRIUS Insight is structured around three offerings:


Since 1990 we have been supporting our clients to have a better understanding of their local market and to optimise their distribution network through geomarketing. Today, under the name SIRIUS Insight we offer our clients unique and innovative solutions that allow them to make the relevant decisions concerning the optimisation of sales & marketing channels.


The services that we offer to our customers are based on our fundamental values.
Customer satisfaction
Ethics & respect
Innovation & continuous improvement


Today, it is the complementarity of good partners that makes it possible to offer the best solutions. SIRIUS Insight selects the right partners to offer you the best solutions.


For more than 25 years, SIRIUS Insight has worked with large and small companies in Belgium and Europe. We have a proposition and references in different sectors of activity such as automotive, banking, insurance, consumer goods, large-scale distribution, specialised distribution and public services.


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Data and analytical consultancy for optimising marketing and developing sales through knowledge of customers and channels.