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Diagnosis of your points of sale after Covid-19

Managing a point of sale network is a dynamic and continuous project, requiring a careful eye to be kept on numerous aspects. This year's economic crisis will strengthen the need for profitability, or even restructuring.

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The must-do analyses for your loyalty cards

Analysis of this data and usage in analytical models makes it possible to improve your customer knowledge and is a real gold mine when it comes to segmenting and targeting your customers, and even predicting their next purchases.

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Belgian consumers and their purchasing habits

We were recently asked to provide more information on Belgian consumers and their purchasing habits. What does the Belgian consumer look like and what drives him? What opportunities does this offer retailers?

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A day in the life of a profiler

Knowing your customers better so that you can attract new ones: that's the essence of customer profiling. Customer profiling is a technique widely used in (geo)marketing, making it possible to precisely target the customers and prospects of most interest to your business.

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