Touch Point Insights

Performance and socio-economic context integrated into an interactive dashboard

A dashboard allows you to transform simple data into real insights. By combining the data from your different points of sale with data on the Belgian market, you can view in the blink of an eye the performance, potential and trends of each location.

You can instantly view data using maps, gauges and other graphics to obtain interesting insights. You are the one who decides which point of sale to analyse and which data to dig into.

Why use Touch Point Insights?

  • Clearly profile your customers and prospects by point of sale.
  • Improve the targeting of your marketing actions.
    • Act on the most promising target groups.
    • Concentrate your events, promotions and flyers on the most promising locations.
  • Analyse the effects of the local market on your points of sale.
    • Check the evolution of the competitive pressure.
    • Monitor the incomes of households as well as their spending.

Points of sale under the magnifying glass

Analyse your points of sale whenever you want!

Check performance, sales, geographical origin of customers, etc. Examine prospecting areas and determine the local potential.

When you examine a specific point of sale, you will see its customers, sales, turnover, etc. But you can also analyse the population that surrounds that point of sale, and more specifically the people who are favourably inclined towards your offer, thanks to a Mosaic Belgium profiling of your customers.

Thus, you can easily compare the performance of your points of sale. Discover, for example, the sites that have major potential but are currently under-performing. It is even possible to identify, for each quarter of a site, its performance compared with the sales potential.

It is no longer necessary to wait until the end of the year to observe general trends. Using this interactive platform, you can examine and analyse the results of your points of sale completely independently.

The possibilities of Touch Point Insights are endless:

Touch Point Insights: data interpreted in an interactive dashboard

Your customer data are made intelligible in a geographical context thanks to our analytical skills. Touch Point Insights integrates detailed data in a dashboard based on Qlik Sense technology in collaboration with Agilos.