Mosaic type B05 – Wealthy Families with Teenagers

Group B. Affluent Residences

Type B05 – Wealthy Families with Teenagers


Type description

This type is composed of families whose head of household is predominantly aged between 40 and 50 years old. Most of these families have children who live at home. Three, four or even five people live in these households. This Mosaic type can be found all over Belgium, in the North (Antwerp and Campine) as well as in the South.

The heads of these households are mainly middle managers who have spent three years, or possibly even five years or more, in higher education. They earn a higher than average salary.

Their accommodation has a surface area greater than 100 m2. This accommodation, which they often own, is of good quality. The dwellings are quite recent, built after 1980 for the most part. They are single-family dwellings with a high level of comfort. As such, they have gardens and of course a garage. In fact, they nearly all possess one or two cars. These cars are often top of the range; BMWs are a favourite.

They go on holiday twice or three times a year with quite a good budget. Many of these households own a pet. Lastly, they go to the cinema, theatre and concerts quite often. They also go to stadiums regularly to attend sporting events.

Who are we?

Families with children
(3-5 person household)

Comfortable & large
single-family dwellings

All over Belgium
Less urban than rural

45-54 years old
(22,18% - 54.677 Pop

Average income
€ 31.375 / declaration

Where do we live?

distribution mosaic B05

Our main characteristics and habits

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Mean Income per declaration

One family houses

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