For more than 25 years, SIRIUS Insight has worked with large and small companies in Belgium and Europe. With our expertise, our solutions and our partnerships, we offer our customers simple solutions that enable them to make the best decisions for their omni-channel strategy, in order to achieve maximum profitability in customer retention, up-selling, cross-selling and the recruitment of new customers.

We have a proposition and references in different sectors of activity such as automotive, banking, insurance, consumer goods, large-scale distribution, specialised distribution and public services.

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“The collaboration with SIRIUS Insight allowed us to identify the forces and weaknesses of our dealer network.


Their work helped us to objectify commercial objectives, to locate the market potential and to identify overlapping prospection areas.


With these objectively calculated elements, we had everything in hand to coordinate with the various partners.”

Arnaud Dresse, CEO Modis (Moorkens distribution)


“The analysis and profiling have provided us with a better knowledge of our customers.


We now know who they are, where they come from, what their interests and preferences are. We even know which media channels to activate to reach our target group.


Precious insights that have been used to adapt the positioning and the marketing strategy of Induscabel.”

Isabel Pozy, Sales and Marketing Director, Induscabel

Matexi – Mosaic Belgium

"The sociological, demographic and economic data available in Mosaic Belgium allow Matexi to obtain a detailed view of the local population.



Mosaic Belgium is an important tool for us to take well informed decisions regarding the evaluation of the land we aim to purchase, to choose appropriate type of housing and also to profile potential buyers."


Roel Helgers, Market Economist, Matexi


“The advanced training of the Alteryx platform made us more performant and allows us to develop innovative analysis. Repetitive manipulations are now automated and complex analysis are realised very quickly. The analyses happens with fewer error messages, limited manual manipulations and therefore fewer risks when processing the data.

The expertise and technicality of SIRIUS Insight’s consultants made it possible to develop a training perfectly in line with our needs."

Caroline Cleppert, Senior Manager, EY


"In order to maintain our market share, we need to increase the operational efficiency of Carrefour.



Determining the competitive pressure allows us to have a better understanding of our market, the behaviour of consumers and the strategy of competitors."

Ingmar Peeters, Geomarketing Intelligence Manager, Carrefour


« With precise knowledge of our data and the automotive sector, SIRIUS Insight is a reliable and flexible partner for over 15 years.


Their analytical capabilities and their geomarketing expertise provide us with crucial insights.  These enable us to answer strategic questions and take optimal and profitable decisions.”

Peter de Preter, Market Research & Business Insight Manager, D’Ieteren Auto

Clear Channel

"SIRIUS Insight quickly understood our expectations and the strategic goals of our project.


They offered us a solid but transparent method of scoring, based on household propensities. With a flexible and proactive approach, SIRIUS Insight realised the project on time and within the limits of the budget.



The result makes ClearChannel a pioneer in terms of microtargeting for Out of Home advertisement"

Kathy Vandevelde, Head of GTM, Clear Channel Belgium

Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium

“Today, a large amount of our work is automated with Alteryx.
We now have time to work on new and more interesting analyses.


Alteryx has made our process so efficient and reliable that it is unthinkable operating without this software.”


Alexandre Snoeck, Data Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners Belgium


“In 2016 we have chosen SIRIUS Insight to perform a geomarketing study in order to provide us with a blue print of the optimal dealer network in Belgium and Luxemburg to contribute to the strategic growth of Nissan over the years to come.

SIRIUS Insight is a very professional and pleasant partner to work with. We have worked together in a structured process of clear milestones and deliverables. SIRIUS Insight was able to meet the deadlines and flexibility we expected. With sufficient feedback meetings we have been able to come to a service and product which met our expectations.

We can strongly recommend the cooperation with SIRIUS Insight as a professional and skilled partner.”

Mischa Cohenno, Director DND & CQ, Nissan Benelux

Pharmacies Servais

“For the last 15 years we have appreciated the professionalism of the SIRIUS Insight team for realising qualitative and detailed analyses.


With reliable results and their flexibility, SIRIUS Insight enable us to take strategic decisions and to submit solid requests to the decision-making authorities.”

Pharmacies Servais


“It has been a true pleasure to work on this project with SIRIUS Insight. Their quick understanding of our business values, objectives and constraints immediately created great mutual trust and respect in a partnering relation. Their impressive expertise and tools added tremendous value on our internal knowledge. Displaying flexibility and customer orientation, they did what it took to answer our requests fully and, yes, we end up with a serious insight to help building the future of our distribution network and our multichannel strategy.”

Patrick Meilleur, Directeur Distribution, e-Business et Services Clients, Partenamut