Consumer and market data

Are you looking for reliable data on Belgian households and consumers? Sociodemographic data, socio-economic data, media preferences, purchasing and consumption habits, … for all these data sets and many others you can count on SIRIUS Insight.

Our data sets cover many themes and are ready to use for different types of analyses in the field of marketing (profiling, segmenting, targeting, …), location planning, development strategy, trends analysis, … With a data license or an enrichment of your customer data you get started immediately. Our data sets are continuously updated which ensures you access to the most recent version.

Anonymous, detailed data concerning Belgian households

Spot-on data concerning Belgian consumers

At SIRIUS Insight we have many data sets concerning Belgian households and consumers. Hereunder you find the main categories of data produced and updated by our experts.

  • Mosaic Belgium: the segmentation of Belgian households
  • Sociodemographic data: age, family composition, population, …
  • Household spending: available for many products and services
  • Socio-economic data: professional situation, household income, employment, …
  • Affinities: mobility, media, (online) purchasing habits, leisure, …

Premium data

SIRIUS Insight has many years of experience in the production and use of consumer data in geomarketing projects. Both the quality and reliability of the data are essential points of attention and are continuously monitored.

Geo-localised data

All our data sets are available per street segment, census district, postal code or municipality. With this level of granularity you can make detailed analyses while respecting the privacy of individuals.

Which data are you looking for?

Per category many underlying variables are available. Contact us with you specific need and/or discover our data overview.

Make informed decisions with our data

In function of you goals and the available resources within your company you can opt for a data license, an enrichment of you customer data or rely on our geomarketing expertise.

  • Data license: a yearly data license offers the largest flexibility in terms of data usage. During the term of the license you can make as many analyses as you want and use the data to segment customers, create predictive models, …
  • Data enrichment: we append the data directly to your customer data. This is an interesting option for short term actions.
  • Geomarketing expertise: if you lack the necessary expertise in your company you can also count on us to analyse your business issue and benefit from our recommendations.

Contact us for an offer tailored to your company.

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