Geographical targeting of marketing campaigns

Do you organise sample distributions, flyering/bulk mailing campaigns or other street marketing actions? Our expertise in geomarketing lets you know exactly where you should organise actions of this type in order to reach your target group where it is located, and thus obtain the best return on investment.

Where to organise street marketing actions?

Whether it’s a tasting campaign or a distribution of samples, flyers or bulk mail, choosing the right areas of action is crucial. Depending on the target and the objective of your campaign, we recommend a local strategy based on detailed data. Is it aimed at a younger public, professionals, people who go away on holiday several times a year, organic enthusiasts? Taking these criteria into account, we outline the most promising areas for the organisation of your actions. You will not find the same audiences in Ghent, Brussels or Waterloo. And even within these locations, the types of consumers vary greatly from one district to another.

Proper targeting enables you to reach the people who are most likely to appreciate your offer. This reduces your scope of action and enhances the performance of your marketing campaign.

Targeting your bulk mailings

Bulk mailing remains an important communication tool in the marketing strategy of many companies. Transform this expensive mass communication into a targeted, personalised action. We offer several solutions to help you better delineate the distribution areas for these bulk mailings.

  • Target only the households that lie within the catchment areas of the points of sale.
  • Target the Belgian households that are most similar to your (best) customers.
  • Target residential areas based on the characteristics of the households (their preferences in terms of mobility, financial products, online shopping, leisure activities, etc.).

Target consumers based on their affinities

Do you want to organise a campaign to launch a new product? Is your target made up of young households or households with an average income? Whether you want to target consumers on the basis of socio-demographic criteria or on the basis of their affinities, SIRIUS Insight can help you to define, understand and locate your target group.

For example, you can target local consumers who like particular types of drinks, who buy organic products from a particular store, who drive more than 20.000 km per year, who go away on holiday several times a year, etc.

How we conduct geographical targeting

Determination of the most interesting areas is usually done by cross-referencing customer data with our Mosaic Belgium consumer segmentation.

Mosaic Belgium classes all Belgian households into 8 groups and 33 types on the basis of common characteristics such as age, income, family composition, type of housing, etc. Each type is a more homogeneous group of households, living in different places in Belgium, for which we know many of their characteristics, habits and preferences. The strength of this segmentation lies both in its national coverage and in its availability on a very fine geographical scale, right down to the street segment.

By building the Mosaic Belgium profile of your customer base, we identify the Mosaic types that are over-represented (relative to the general population) within your customer base. These form the target group that is then located and whose presence will be quantified. Based on this analysis, we recommend the areas with the highest concentrations of interesting consumers for your offer.

Conversely, it is also possible to use the characteristics and preferences contained in Mosaic Belgium to determine and locate a target group. This approach requires a good description of the desired target, but without having to use customer data. The detailed knowledge of each Mosaic type allows you to adjust the message to suit the habits and sensitivities of your target group.

4 reasons to better target your marketing actions

  • Reduce the costs of local campaigns and increase the return on investment.
  • Address yourself only to consumers who will really be interested in your offer.
  • Adapt the message of your campaigns to suit the areas and types of consumers concerned.
  • Reduce the environmental impact of your marketing actions.