Mapping customers’ origins

Where do my customers come from?

Mapping customers’ origins allows you to gain a better understanding of where the customers who visit your points of sale come from. This means you can understand whether your point of sale attracts the local population or draws in a more distant population.

This geographical analysis can be performed for a point of sale, a region or the point of sale network. It provides initial information that helps to explain the current functioning of your points of sale.

Additional analyses generally complement the geomarketing study and allow an audit of your point of sale network. Thus, you can also analyse market penetration, catchment areas, competition and population profiles.

How to read this map?

The green symbol on the map represents a point of sale. The blue discs represent the customers living in a census district.

The size of the disc is proportional to the number of customers living in that census district.

Two reasons for analysing customers’ origins:

  1. Analyse market coverage by seeing where your customers come from.
  2. Understand which points of sale have a more local role and which draw customers in from a wider area.