What impact does your webshop have on your brick and mortar shops?

25 August 2022

What is certain is that purchasing behaviour has changed drastically, and the role of retail along with it. So you can ask yourself to what extent your location strategy is still the right one. All the more because it looks like a smart omnichannel location strategy is the new ‘way to go’.

Today consumers expect to be able to order any time and anywhere, that they immediately know whether their product is available online or offline, and that their order can be delivered in the way that suits them best. In short, the modern consumer wants to choose where and when they shop and, what’s more, they are continuously connected with their smartphone and tablet. For your customers, there is no wall between online and offline. That kind of pigeonholing is a thing of the past, because in the new world the synergy between online and offline retail is the key to success. Retailers who follow their customers and are not afraid to invest and innovate have the wind in their backs. In other words, it’s not about or/or. It’s and/and.

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