How do you become a ‘leader’ in qualitative leads?

With the new SIRIUS Insight whitepaper you will learn the importance of a smart lead qualification and how you can assess the value of a lead for your organisation quickly and efficiently thanks to segmentation. Several practical examples of organisations that achieve high returns by using segmentation data in their lead qualification process will be presented.

Know which customers pay off

The importance of an airtight lead qualification process might be much greater than you think. Even if just to simply separate the potential customers from the duds. Because no matter how you look at it, the ability to find, qualify and convert the correct leads forms the basis for the success of your organisation. Selling to the right customers not only means more income and turnover but also leads to more satisfied customers and referral sales. Good prospection tools can get you close but smart lead qualification will send you victorious over the finish line.

Mosaic Belgium helps you target the most promising leads

Thanks to our years of experience, we are aware of the obstacles and know where the opportunities lie. With the help of Mosaic Belgium consumer profiles, you can see in a single glance which type of target group the interested customer belongs to and therefore the net value this customer represents. One of its advantages is that you can allocate priorities to lead groups and diversify on the channel you are using for the leads, from a 1-on-1 all the way to an automated marketing approach for less likely leads.

Even if you are already in discussions with your potential customer, there is still a large amount of profit to be made by using segmentation in the follow-up. Simply mapping out, per segment, what their needs are and how great the chance is that those needs will be met, is sufficient. If you then integrate these insights via the SIRIUS Insight data into your follow-up process, you will have achieved a large and predetermined profit just by using simple resources.

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SIRIUS Insight has been active for 30 years and has established a broad range of expertise in the banking and insurance sector, the energy and telecommunications world, automotive, healthcare and retail.

SIRIUS Insight offers innovative solutions – with a unique insight into customers and channels – so the clients make the right decisions for optimising their ‘marketing’ and ‘sales’.

SIRIUS Insight manages reliable consumer- and market data and uses artificial intelligence to create advantages for every modern marketeer with its own in-house developed Mosaic Belgium consumer segmentation.

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